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The trimester system: good or bad?

The trimester system: good or bad?

Every student who enters Mount Carmel quickly learns things are done differently in this school. The trimester system is ne example.

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The trimester system has been a staple at Mount  Carmel for many years. While the subject receives very little attention, it definitely deserves some discussion. Namely, is the system beneficial or is it an obstacle to success?

The trimester breaks the school year into three equal trimesters, with finals coming in November, February and May. That means
that students have finals three times in a year, which seems to add an extra stress to what other students experience in a semester-based school year. A total of 21 finals exams per year doesn’t seem too inviting at first.

However, looking at the benefits, the trimester gives students a great perk: the ability to start fresh every twelve weeks. In the semester system, you have only one chance to start fresh.  Another advantage is that when studying for finals, there is much less material a student has to cover. Normally, cramming half a year’s worth of lessons and knowledge is very stressful. While we do take more finals than the average semester school, we have the ability to focus on a very compressed and smaller chunk of information.

Another argument could be made that the trimester system makes the school year a lot more efficient and keeps the focus better than the traditional and much longer semester system. According to senior Alex Kalinsky, “In my four years, I have preferred the trimester system over anything else. I have found that it makes the school year go by a lot quicker.”

Sophomore Will Figel agrees. “I love how it is easier to focus on a smaller chunk of school learning rather than trying to cram a whole semester.”

On the other hand, some students don’t even notice a difference. Senior Dan Breakey states, “I could care less about the system. It hasn’t really affected me.”

While arguments can be made back and forth, what one comes to realize is that the trimester system is not going anywhere anytime soon. What makes Mount Carmel so special is how it does things differently. The trimester system definitely illustrates that truth.

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