• Caravan delivers canned food to Maple-Morgan Park Food Pantry

The Caravan

Journalism at Mount Carmel High School


The Caravan (mccaravan.org) is the online newspaper of the Mount Carmel High School students. Mount Carmel is an all-boys Catholic high school founded in 1900 by the Carmelite Order of priests and brothers. The school is located at 6410 S. Dante Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60637-3896, phone 773-324-1020. Students not enrolled in journalism classes are encouraged to submit articles and/or photos for consideration on any appropriate topic of interest to Mount Carmel students. Mount Carmel offers students opportunities to explore other aspects of journalism through the Oriflamme yearbook and the Caravan Broadcast Network.

The student news site of Mount Carmel High School
Journalism at Mount Carmel High School