Advanced Art class brings far-away cities to Carmel in bombastic color


Noah River-Jansky

New York City by Patrick McKay


Over the last month or two, the Advanced Art class has been working to bring cities near and far to Carmel. Their latest medium, which has been watercolor paints, is the tool that they have used to breathe life into these cities. Senior Eric Correa made a colorful rendition of the Chinese capital of Shanghai, which is presented with vivacious colors and blends to make an almost surreal depiction of the booming city. Another senior, Patrick McKay, recreated the prolific city of New York City, using wonderful mixes of exotic colors. Personally, I made a rendition of the fictional city of Rapture, which exists under the Atlantic Ocean. Overall, the Advanced Art class did a wonderful job making cities come to life with an underused medium, which was nothing short of a challenge.