Lorde deserves better from the Grammys



Last week, the 2018 Grammy nominations were announced on November 28. Countless music genres are represented in the general categories this year, representing an important progression in diversity and representation in the Grammy awards. However, in the pop category in particular, the nominations largely ignored Lorde and the masterpiece that is her second studio album.

Lorde secured her first Album of the Year nomination this year with her album Melodrama. Personally, I have to admit that the album is rather incredible, detailing adolescence and her process of finding self-love and self-care. It’s one of the greatest albums of the years, and Lorde’s writing and storytelling is incredible throughout the album. Critics agree, with 33 positive reviews out of 33 reviews on Metacritic, which assigns a weighted score based on all reviews for the album. The album was met with universal acclaim from critics, landing on countless end of the year “best album” lists. Melodrama deserved that nomination as much as any other album.

There’s no question Kendrick deserves this Grammy for Album of the year; DAMN. was arguably (if it’s even arguable) the most critically acclaimed album of the year. DAMN. holds a 96/100, with 39 positive reviews out of 39 reviews. He’s often been lauded as a lyricist and performer, but has consistently been snubbed in the general category at the Grammys. As much as I love Lorde, there’s no doubt that Kendrick deserves this more than any other artist.

Still, though, Lorde deserved something more. Only receiving one nomination in a general category going up against Kendrick, she’s almost destined to lose. Competition is not as fierce in the Pop category, but Lorde was unable to secure a nomination anywhere in this category. Somehow, her album was good enough for an Album of the Year nomination, but she couldn’t get a Pop Vocal Album nomination. All four of the other albums nominated for album of the year this year were also nominated in their respective musical genre. Ed Sheeran got a nomination for this category for his album! Sure, Sheeran is a good artist, but his album isn’t the masterpiece that Lorde’s is.┬áLorde deserved a win this year; Pure Heroine (her first album) won her two Grammys, and this album is far better and more well-received.