The Mount Carmel Art Program


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Many interesting projects are being undertaken by the Mount Carmel Art program. All levels of the program are doing varying projects to help enhance their artistic talents. Here are just a few projects the students in Mr. McGuire’s varying art classes are doing.


The Freshmen in Intro to Art are learning about Color Theory, how contrasting colors can make the opposing colors around them stand out more.



The Sophomores are doing more advanced projects. They took a picture of their face and then traced it onto the paper. After filling it with black ink the students wrote something meaningful to them around their face. They could have written a poem, song lyrics, or a quote from someone they admire.




Meanwhile, the seniors taking architecture  are working on interesting projects. According to Mr. McGuire, the seniors are now learning “how to read blueprints,” as well as learning “construction terms and techniques.” The seniors will need them as they take on more and more complex assignments.



These are just some of the projects currently being taken on by the students of Mount Carmel. There are also the classes in Mrs. Chappetto’s classes who are focusing on other and more advanced art projects.

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