Wish You Were Here Tour 2018 – worth the cost


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On December 6, 2018, I was able to attend the Travis Scott’s ASTROWORLD: Wish you Were Here Tour at the United Center, based on his newest album ASTROWORLD.

The tickets were $105 each (for the 200 level), which wasn’t that bad compared to other seats.

I actually drove to the concert and ended up having to pay $20 for the parking spot.  I also purchased a long-sleeve tee-shirt for $65,  making my total cash outlay for the evening $190.  Could have been worse.

The album was released on August 3, 2018, and the tour started November 8 in Baltimore. It will wrap up on December 22 in Portland, Oregon.

Along with Travis Scott, Sheck Wes, Gunna and Trippe Redd were scheduled to perform on the tour. However, only two of the three guests actually showed up.  Rumor had it that Trippe Redd dropped out of the tour because of frustration with how the set up for Scott’s portion of the show would cut his performance time.

The choreography of the concert was impressive. The lights were timed perfectly. Every time the song would come to a beat, the lights would be in time with the beat. Also, every time Scott would jump and land, flames would come out of the floor and the lights would change.

There were actually two stages, and all of the opening acts took place on the larger of the two.

Then, unexpectedly, Scott started on the smaller stage. Before he appeared, all the lights went out and all of a sudden you heard Scott say, “I’m right behind you.” He then went on to perform many different songs such as “Mamacita” from his mixtape “Days Before Rodeo,” and “Stargazing.” After performing on the smaller stage for roughly 20 minutes, all of sudden he jumped into an opening in the floor and disappeared.

While Scott was gone you still heard a beat going and then out of nowhere he jumped out of the floor on the bigger stage.

For the next hour Scott  continued performing songs from ASTROWORLD such as YOSEMITE and BUTTERFLY EFFECT, as well as from his earlier album BIRDS IN THE TRAP SING McKNIGHT, including “goosebumps.”

After that hour all of sudden the stage floor opened to reveal a large inflatable astronaut. After the astronaut was fully inflated a track lowered from above the stages.  The track turned out to be a roller coaster that Scott would ride between the two stages. He also invited a fan from the audience to ride the roller coaster with him as he sang “CAN’T SAY” and “Antidote.”

Overall it was great show, and recently he announced on Twitter that there will be a second leg of the tour, coming back to Chicago in February.

I may just have to go again.