Hamilton experience exceeds expectations


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The CIBC Theatre, located in downtown Chicago, is the venue for he Broadway musical Hamilton. (google image labeled for reuse on Wikimedia commons)


Considering the last Broadway musical in Chicago that I experienced was Shrek, and that occurred when I was seven years old, I was pretty nervous when my mom got Hamilton tickets for the two of us. I had heard how expensive the production was and did not want my mom to waste her money. After seeing the musical, my mom did not waste a penny on those tickets.

Before heading over to the theatre, my mom and I went to Victory Tap, a nice Italian restaurant downtown. After dinner, we stopped at a bakery near the theater called Magnolia Bakery. It had some of the best desserts I have ever had.

After dessert, we walked over to the CIBC Theatre on Monroe Street, excited for the musical. The line to get in was a bit long, and felt even longer in the rain. When we finally were admitted, they were selling only three things at the concessions: alcohol, water and Twizzlers. Mom and I got our waters and headed to our seats.

When I think of Broadway musicals, I think of massive theaters and crowds. Initially, this theater seemed a lot smaller than I expected, but it actually had seats for about 1,800, and it appeared that every seat in the house was filled.

The play started at exactly 7:30.

The whole musical blew me away. From the singing, to the dancing, to the humor, everything was amazing. What shocked me even more was that the music was performed by a live orchestra located in the “pit” beneath the stage!

Going into the musical, I was a bit nervous that I would not like it, but after the whole experience, I would not think twice about going back.