Second season of The Mandalorian drops on Disney Plus

The Mandalorian is a popular new series on the Disney Plus channel.  First released in November of 2019, it takes place in the Star Wars universe following the time after first three movies. I’ve liked this show since the beginning, and have anxiously awaited season two.

If you plan to watch the second season, stop reading now:  I’ll be revealing some of the plot in this review.

Episode One begins with the Mandalorian travelling to a town in the desert in search of someone, providing an intriguing first impression of season two.

Later in the episode the Mandalorian and the sheriff work with the sand people to beat back a monster, providing some needed action scenes. For being first episode of season two, I liked it a lot, and my favorite part would have to be when the Mandalorian and sheriff work together to beat the giant sand worm monster.

Episode two of the new Mandurian season was even more exciting. After learning from the sheriff in Episode One that someone knows where the people he is looking for he goes with them to a planet.

This episode had some scary moments, including a chase scene and crash. But one of the most important things about the episode is how it showed the way that  the Mandalorian thinks. During the whole episode he and his passenger have to survive and run away from a massive, alien snow spider.

The ending also is unexpected. Just as tt starts to look like they are going to have to fight off all the spiders, the people who were chasing them come back to save him because of how he had helped them out in an episode during season 1.

Overall the first two episodes have been great and I am looking forward to the third one coming out.