With e-days, who needs school?


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January 29 and 30, 2019, were two of the coldest days in Chicago history, and like at most schools, Mount Carmel was closed, well, not technically.  We were told these would be “e-days” – ie, days when work would be posted electronically and completed at home.

That was fine with me.  It was too cold to go anywhere, so I figured I would just stay in the house all day.

Like most kids, I spent the morning in bed, and didn’t even get up until about 1 p.m.

I took my shower, watched an episode of “Lucifer” on Netflix, and then played “Fortnite” for several hours.  I knew I had those e-day assignments to do (including this article), but since I knew I had the next day off as well, I decided the work could wait.

Around 5 p.m., despite the frigid temps, my mom decided she wanted to go out to get something to eat, so I had to shovel her car out of the driveway.  It took a while to do it, and after I finished with that chore I was tired and cold.  Still, I figured there was nothing else to do, so I jumped in the snowbank and asked my dad to take my picture to remember the day. When I got out I was freezing, so I made some hot chocolate and went back to bed.

All in all, it was a wasted day.

On Thursday, I got up early to visit my cousins and aunt who live in Sauk Village.  I took the train to my cousins’ house, because my mom said it still was too bad out to drive. When I got there my cousins were waiting for me at the train stop and we walked to their house.

Once we got to their house, we had a snowball fight. After that we went inside and played some 2k.  My aunt ventured out around noon to get some food from McDonald’s, and after we ate, I went home.

By the time I got home (around 2 p.m.) I knew it was time to get some work done.  First I tackled physics, then had to read two chapters from The Great Gatsby for English class By then it was time to call it a day – except I still had to write this journal.

So there you have it:  it wasn’t the most productive two days ever, but I learned it actually is possible to get some school work done – even on a free(ze) day!

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