A spring break to remember


For my spring break this year I took advantage of every single day.

On our first free day, a Thursday, I started things off right by going to the gym to work out, a practice I continued every single day for the break.  My preferred gym is the LA Fitness on 57th and Kedzie.  It’s close to home, fairly affordable, and includes a pool, jacuzzie, boxing classes, etc.

Usually I’d go the gym early in the day, and often return for a second workout in the evening.  In between, I would call up some of  my friends to go hang out.  Over the week of break we drove all over the area, including Aurora, Bolingbrook, and the north side of Chicago.  We would always travel in a group and keep ourselves entertained, finding something to do.

The place I most enjoyed visiting was downtown.  My friends and I would walk around to take pictures and go to the movies, such as La Llonora which was playing at the AMC Theater on Ohio.

Senka Park is another place were I spend a lot of time over break, to play soccer or basketball with family or friends.

I would also go to Pasture Park to meet some of the soccer players from MC.  We would hangout the majority of the afternoon, playing full field games.  It felt good to spend time bonding outside of school and playing the sport we love, which only will helps us out next year on the field

I really enjoyed my spring break this year, because I kept myself active the whole time.  I got to hang with my friends from MC, got to see new places in the Chicago area, and made memories with the people closest to me in and out of school.


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