What is a man of Carmel?


For almost 120 years, Mount Carmel has offered young men an opportunity to “build character for a lifetime.” (photo courtesy of MC archives)

Mount Carmel High School has been around since 1900. It is a Catholic, all-boys, high school in Woodlawn. Mount Carmel students are challenged “to live with Zeal for God, for life, and for learning.”

The school is known for its football teams who have won 24 state championships. However, MC students not only succeed on the field, but also in the classroom. 70% of Mount Carmel students who take AP exams qualify for college credit. Because of its strong reputation in both academics and athletics, the school attracts young men from over 100 zip codes.

Mount Carmel students have dedication. The students enjoy the school so much that they are willing to travel to be a part of this school. As a result, Mount Carmel has a very diverse student body, especially in terms of the various backgrounds and experiences students share. While the students come from all over Illinois and Indiana, the faculty and staff works hard to develop solid interpersonal connections.

Mount Carmel excel at many activities besides football. The chess team is 6-2 and are looking to accomplish some great goals in the future. The choir is planning a Spring break trip to California for a competition, and it should be a great experience for them. The robotics team has won several Vex Robotics competitions, and hosted (and won) a hydrogen car race. MC is also adding new clubs and activities. The newest club is the anime club and already has good attendance at the meets.

Not everyone has what it takes to become a man of Carmel. Those who do have the opportunity to “build character for a lifetime,” and to develop friendships that will continue long after high school as well.

During my time at Mount Carmel, I have made some great friendships and I am very thankful for that. I’ve connected with all of my classmates who I consider to be my brothers.