Classic board game combats boredom

Like may classic board games, success in Monopoly is a matter of rolling the dice.

taken by Sir Manny of Chester from commons.wikimedia,org

Like may classic board games, success in Monopoly is a matter of “rolling the dice.”

The best board game has to be Monopoly, made in the 1930s and still a classic after more than 90 years.

When I think of board games it is the first one I think about. It is a game for anybody, no matter your age. It helps young kids learn how to add and subtract, and teaches teens how to take care of money, how to invest it and to do business.  It is a great game that you can play with friends or family of any age.  You can make it competitive or take it less seriously and have a laugh while playing.

If you are some one who never has played the game, the simple explanation is that it is about investing in real estate.  You raise money and buy properties, trying to knock out your competition.

Monopoly is one of few games that doesn’t take that long to set up before beginning to play, and you can play anywhere.  All you need is a table and chairs for participants.

There are multiple versions of the game so there is one for everybody’s taste or interest, and you can also play it online, too. The game also has versions for Xbox, PlayStation and on the app store.

I love the game and have played it many times with my friends and family. It’s just fun to try and buy and trade properties and build them up and try and knock everyone out. If you haven’t played it before, I highly recommend it for anybody, especially during these long days of quarantine.