Etiquette of e-learning and Zoom


With all the chaos that is going on in the world right now, there have been a lot of changes. One of the main changes, especially for students, is online classes. It is a new introduction for a lot of students that aren’t familiar with learning at home. Now we must learn lessons and do all of our homework on online classes for the shelter in-place order. With the new ways, we still have to respect our teachers and authorities. Here are some suggestions for e-learning etiquette to ensure that students are respectful and do not cross the line.

  1.  Don’t be rude. Treat Zoom meetings like you would any regular school day. Just because you are online doesn’t mean you can act differently than you would in a classroom. Just show your fellow classmates and teachers the same respect that you would like to be shown.
  2. Don’t act inappropriately. Like I said before, treat the meetings and your assignments like you were in the classroom. That means your language, dress, and work space all should be appropriate.  Even though we aren’t in the room physically with our teachers and other students, it doesn’t mean you should just roll out of bed and eat breakfast as you learn.
  3. Lastly, do your work. Make sure to do your work and don’t get stuck falling behind. It will make things a lot easier for both you and your teacher if you submit your work when it is requested, instead of pushing it off and doing it later. Otherwise you’re likely to forget and just be stuck with a ton of work to make up. Just do your work, and then spend the rest of the time to yourself.