Key to remote learning: following routine


Edison Berisha relies on a set routine to navigate the challenge of remote learning.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic has been going on for a couple of months now, a lot of students have been doing e-learning. For me, it has been different and a little bit hard to get used to since I think it is easier to learn when you are present in the classroom. Nevertheless, it helps to have a daily routine.  For the past couple of weeks this has been my typical schedule everyday.

First I wake up and attend my first period Resource class where I have an opportunity to organize my work and to complete any work I need to get done for the day ahead.  I have five minutes as a passing period between each class.

Second period I go to US history, where we currently are reading about the Revolutionary War and working on projects.

My third period is physics, where we take lots of notes and are learning about motion, force , and other things.

Then my last period before lunch is Theology. We always pray at the beginning, and then complete a “do now” before getting to the day’s content.

Since I am in remote learning, during lunch I usually go get something to eat from Wendy’s, or I just go to my kitchen and make something. When lunch is over the second part of my school day starts with sixth period algebra.

In that class we do lots of homework and practice problems to learn.

Towards the end of the day I have my last two classes that deal with writing, 21st Century Media and English.

During the seventh period Media class we are learning about writing and how to become better writers. We are supposed to do articles that either express an opinion or report on something happening about our school community.

Lastly, in eighth period English we begin with practice ACT type do-now’s and analyze writings. Currently we are working on our final exam, a Socratic discussion that is due Friday.

This is how my daily e-learning schedule routine usually goes.