What Mount Carmel looks like today


The north end of the old gym has been turned into a classroom for Coach Burke’s and Brother Ryan-Joseph Resurreccion’s theology classes. Photographer: Andrew Robustelli

Due to COVID-19, Mount Carmel has changed the way its classrooms are laid out. Areas that were not previously used as classrooms have now been made into classrooms. Students are required to wear face masks all throughout the day except for during lunch time. Unlike last year, students’ schedules rotated daily, but this year students have a set schedule Monday through Friday to limit confusion.

The student center, which used to be used just for guitar class, is now a regular classroom used by multiple teachers. In this picture Coach Nolan’s history class is practicing social distancing while participating in a class project. Photographer: Andrew Robustelli
Unlike last year where students were all able to gather in the student commons for lunch, now there are three different locations, the student commons, the student center, and the Cacciatore athletic center. The tables are set up so there is a limit of three students per table and are instructed to sit on the red tape which is strategically placed six feet apart. Photographer: Andrew Robustelli
These stickers are placed around the school only on the floor reminding students to practice social distancing. Especially in the lunch lines, these stickers are placed six feet apart and are there so students know where to stand and do not bunch up in the lunch line. Photographer: Andrew Robustelli