Gamers debate: PC or console?


Evan Amos

On-line gamers continually debate the pros and cons of consoles, like Xbox 1. (Photo credit: Evan Amos visa Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons License)

In the gaming world there is an ongoing debate between which is better, consoles or PCs. There are pros and cons for both of these devices.

You have likely heard of Xbox and PlayStation – these are considered consoles. Consoles are most commonly connected to a TV rather than a small monitor. The console is a great device for people who are new players, but looking to join the gaming world. Not only can you play video games, but you can also listen to music and watch movies.

Everything that a console can do, a PC can do, but faster. The main difference between would be how the two systems are built. A console is more basic than a PC, and is predominately is made of a motherboard. The motherboard is considered the brain of the machine.

While a console also has a motherboard that controls the entire machine, what makes the PC different is that you can customize it to your liking. This is possible because of the way the PC is built. PCs are made of a series of components. All of these components can be bought separately and placed into one machine, allowing for lots of flexibility in creating the right PC for you.

Since PCs can be built in so many ways, there really isn’t a specific price. Yes, there are pre-built PCs, but even then there are so many different kinds. Consoles, on the other hand, do have a set price since they all consist of the same technology. I would say that this is what makes the console better for starters. If you are not sure what PC parts are good and bad, then an easy alternative would be to just buy a console. This way you know what you are buying, and you can even ask other people what there opinions are.