Mr. Nevrly embodies what the Green Jacket is all about


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Mr. Nevrly holds the Kevin Hansen Green Jacket Award plaque after winning it during a school assembly in the Cacciatore Gym on Tuesday, April 26.

It’s been said that the majority of success comes from just showing up. 

Former Mount Carmel teacher Kevin Hansen was known for always showing up around Mount Carmel. He exemplified the characteristics of helpfulness, welcoming, and hard work.  Most importantly, he always showed up. Hansen unfortunately passed away in April 2015, but the school wanted to memorialize those qualities and his spirit. Thus, Mount Carmel created the Kevin Hansen Green Jacket Award, given to the teacher who exemplifies the morals and qualities that Kevin Hansen carried when he was at Mount Carmel. In the past it has been given to teachers such as Mr. Mark Antoinietti, Mrs. Emma Norise, and Mr. John Haggerty.

This year after nominations by fellow faculty and voting by the student body, it has been awarded to English teacher and Volleyball Coach Mr. Brooks Nevrly. 

When talking about being helpful and always being present, Mr. Nevrly is the first person that comes to mind for many at MC. He is moderator of the Student Council, organizer of Spirit Week, helps with school events such as open houses, coordinates a Special Olympics event held at the MC, conducts tour nights, and much more. This year, he was even the organizer for Homecoming and Prom. Mr. Nevrly is always there to help and willing to help, similar to the very popular Mr. Hansen.

Another reason why Mr. Hansen is so highly regarded and spoken so well about is because of his love for the school. His work and dedication to the school was rooted in love, similar to Mr. Nevrly. 

Since coming to Mount Carmel in 2018, Mr. Nevrly has made a lasting impact on the students he has taught. And that is because he loves the students and loves the school. “I like to be present a lot,” says Mr. Nevrly. “The fact that I am always at sporting events and assemblies and am always involved shows people how much I love the school and the students.” 

Mr. Nevrly is not only a great helper with out-of-school events such as sporting events, open houses, and anything the school needs assistance with, but he is also a very dedicated teacher. Making an impact on each and every student is very important to Mr. Nevrly, as it was to Mr. Hansen. “I think one of the biggest things in teaching is that you teach the whole student,” says Mr. Nevrly. “I value not just teaching the content but letting the student find themselves personally and emotionally.” 

This dedication and determination to teach students to the best of his ability is not only shown through his teaching but  through different students’ descriptions and positive feedback on how Mr. Nevrly has affected them. “After taking Mr. Nevrly’s class for three years now, at the end of every year I feel like I have learned a lot,” says senior Peter Navarre. 

One of the biggest characteristics not only Kevin Hansen preached but the school preaches is integrity. People are always reminded of it wherever they are in the school, whether students are in the Commons seeing a banner that says “Act with integrity,” or during prayer at lunch everyday when whoever is leading prayer says “Act with integrity.” Mr. Nevrly is a man who values hard work and working with integrity. “I pride myself in my job of teaching bell to bell and making sure kids are always engaged,” he says. “I look to provide students with every opportunity they need to succeed.” 

Although Mr. Nevrly never knew Mr. Hansen, he still knows how big of an impact the latter made on MC. Mr. Nevrly is honored and grateful to receive such a prestigious award as the Kevin Hansen Green Jacket Award. “I’ve only heard stories of him, but the way that different teachers talk about Mr. Hansen, you can really hear the emotion in their voice,” Mr. Nevrly says. “Understanding the profound impact he has had on so many people here, and the fact that he is still being remembered,  that is what makes this award so special.”

Mr. Nevrly greatly values his students’ opinions and respects their thoughts because, in a way, they are a reflection of his teaching. “Hearing the applause from the students when they announced I was the winner was a very gratifying moment,” Mr. Nevrly notes. “I teach here not for the money, not for the personal gain, not for anything, but for the students.” 

The Kevin Hansen Green Jacket Award is perhaps the most prestigious award an MC faculty member can receive. Mr. Nevrly embodies everything that Kevin Hansen was and all the qualities and characteristics he carried. His dedication and determination to teach his students to the best of his ability is exactly what a “Man of Carmel” is and is exactly why he is deserving of such an award.