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Dale Twine–Caravan Superfan

MC junior represents what supporting your brothers is all about
James McCormac
Dale Twine ’25 is a tennis player at MC and is in the honors program.

When one attends an MC extracurricular event, then junior Dale Twine is certainly recognizable. No matter how big or small the student section, if there is even one at all, Twine tends to be  there silently supporting his brothers. 

One of the biggest issues this year among the student body has been getting students to attend different extracurricular events. While there will sometimes be a student section for a big football game or this year’s basketball state championship, student attendance at events has been a struggle this year. However, Twine is someone who goes to nearly all the sports games. This includes those that, even on good days, get no student section.  

“Dale is different,” says English teacher Mr. Tim Baffoe ’00. “He’s showing up to the stuff and activities that he is not part of, and it doesn’t matter to him that he’s not part of them.” 

One event in particular this year that Dale attended was the recent Theater Club production of “A Separate Peace.” Most students who did attend went on Friday due to convenience and because they were offered  extra credit for one of their classes. Dale, however, went out of his way to get there on Saturday and didn’t get extra credit for showing up. He just wanted to support his MC brothers. 

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“I just think Dale walks the walk when it comes to how Mount Carmel students should support each other,” says Mr. Baffoe, who was in the play and really appreciated seeing Twine in the audience. “Dale shows up to stuff that he’s not involved in and supports his Mount Carmel brothers in the stuff that they are involved in. He does it without being asked, without being incentivized by extra credit. Dale shows up to stuff because he wants to be there and support Mount Carmel extracurriculars and clubs.”

Other students could do with taking a page out of Twine’s book and go to things no matter their popularity. What separates him is that he goes to sporting events that do not have the same hype as others, such as midseason volleyball matches or basketball games against non-rivals. 

“I need to support my fellow Men of Carmel as much as I can,” says Twine. “That’s how you do it. You have to show up and you have to support them. I like to watch them play and see their skills. You got some really talented people out there.” 

One of the main reasons that people say they cannot go to games is because of transportation, but lack of interest is also a big problem. 

“I feel like with those ‘lesser’ sports,” says Twine, “there’s not as much of a buzz around volleyball and lacrosse. Lack of interest is probably the biggest part.” 

There is no excuse for Twine, though. Whether an event is popular or not, he will do his best to show up and support MC. 

“Dale will show up by himself if need be,” says Mr. Baffoe. “He doesn’t need to go with a crew and only go if a crew is going. So it’s not like, say, Dale might want to go to something and then find out that none of his buddies are not going so he stays home. I’ve seen Dale show up to basketball games by himself. I saw Dale at the play, and I’ve heard volleyball players have said they’ve seen Dale at their games. That’s what supporting your fellow students at Mount Carmel is supposed to be, and I think there should be more Dale Twines among the student body.”

Men of Carmel are called to live with zeal. Some students do want to go to games after seeing Twine’s zeal for MC. 

“I feel inspired to go to sports games because of Dale,” says junior Jordan Whaley. “Him showing up to support his brothers is cool.”

These sports games are always fun and intense no matter who MC is facing. It’s always good to go and watch. It’s not like staying after school to watch a home game is a huge amount of trouble for the average student. 

“I feel like they’re missing out and that they should be there,” says Twine. “I also feel like just one [supporting classmate] is all you really need, still showing support. If I was playing basketball and I saw one loyal fan, that would be enough to encourage me.” 

Dale is also a tennis player that works hard every day perfecting his craft. He would really appreciate it if some other MC guys came out and watched the tennis team compete. 

“Dale’s the best,” says Caravan head tennis coach Mark Antonietti. “Dale never misses practice, and he’s always trying to improve. Recently an opposing coach referred to him as ‘The Wall’ because everything you hit him comes back to you. So he’s sturdy. The nickname we’ve given to him on the team is ‘Butter’ because he’s so smooth.”

MC athletes and cast and crew of the play are all very grateful to Twine for showing up and supporting them. Other students should take note and start making the small sacrifice to support their MC peers as well.

“I don’t know his specific motivations,” says Mr. Baffoe. “I just know that I see him there, and that’s very cool and appreciated.”

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About the Contributor
James McCormac
James McCormac, Staff Writer
James McCormac is a junior at Mount Carmel. He lives in Bridgeport and attended Old Saint Mary's Grammar School. James is a member of the Varsity football team, the chess team, boxing, and The Merchant. Outside of school James enjoys doing volunteer work. His hobbies are reading and lifting.