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Our new vice principal


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Along with the addition of many new faculty members to the staff this year, many members have adapted to new roles in the community. One member that has been adjusting to his new role is Mr  Tom Eisenbraun.

Mr.Eisenbraun has been a part of the Mount Carmel community for eight years. He is most well known for being the senior counselor. As senior counselor, Mr. Eisenbraun has been very successful in getting Mount Carmel students into college. This is shown by the 98% of MC students that go to college every year. Mr. Eisenbraun has also been a coach of multiple sports, including baseball and volleyball.

According to Mr.Eisenbraun the new job position is challenging but exciting. As vice principal he steps in for other faculty members when they are absent, runs all school testing and does many other spontaneous jobs throughout the day. He said,”My schedule is constantly changing, so I have to just go with the flow. But, I like it because everyday is different from the day before.”

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Our new vice principal