Meet new college counselor Mrs. Luster


JJ Kuptel

Mrs. Luster is excited to help MC students apply to colleges.

Who is Mrs. Kristina Luster? She’s a new counselor at Mount Carmel High School. Mrs. Luster is originally from Chicago but worked in Atlanta, Georgia, for 6 years, and she was the director of college counseling at Saint Francis High School. She was the first person in her family to attend college, a fact that she feels proud but overwhelmed by. Mrs. Luster was inspired by her school counselor, Mrs. Hill. Mrs. Luster has gained most of her knowledge from Mrs. Hill which now benefits her because she can help us succeed in the process. 

“The most important thing is identifying what each student really wants to do after graduation,” she says. Mrs. Luster helps the students choose the best college program for them. Mrs. Luster asserts that “it’s like shopping for schools.” The right school makes a career easier to attain. 

Mrs. Luster enjoys face-to-face interaction with each student that she sees. She knows that she can assist the students and guide them in the right direction towards their college and career paths and ensures this by checking students’ courses. Students have support inside and outside the classroom, and Mrs. Luster acknowledges that “upperclassmen can motivate underclassmen.”  She wants MC students to make sure that underclassmen care about all of their grades beginning from their freshmen year, as even those can affect college acceptance.

Mrs. Luster knows that there is a college for everyone no matter the circumstances. If a student struggles in the first two years, they can turn things around and still pursue postsecondary education. 

She makes sure that the students will apply to an institution where they will be accepted. Trade schools are available to those who do not get into any universities of their choice or who feel college is not the best fit for their futures. Even if a student decides to not go to college, Mrs. Luster will still help them find the right path.

Mrs. Luster says that she will work hard to have most upperclassmen fulfill their college dreams. All of the students who plan to go to college definitely need to consult with her because navigating the college application process is difficult to do on one’s own, and she can definitely help a student sort out any complications or questions.  

She wanted to take part in this profession in order to help high school students in the college and career process and make sure they are happy with their choice in life. Mrs. Luster wants to make sure that students aren’t stressed out about the college process like she was in high school. She doesn’t want kids to become nervous over something that she could help them with. 

Many seniors will be putting their trust in Mrs. Luster. College is in their future, and students will use her skills to help attain their goals. They can thank Mrs. Luster for her commitment to helping the students of Mount Carmel.