Mr. Kellam’s welcoming to MC


Jack O'Ryan

Mr. Kellam is in his first year teaching social sciences at MC.

Mount Carmel has seen plenty of new faces among the faculty and staff this year. One teacher specifically would be Social Sciences teacher Mr. Kieran Kellam. After teaching at St. Rita for over a decade, Mr. Kellam wanted something new. “I taught at Rita for 12 years and was looking for a change,” he said.

But that was not the only reason Kellam wanted to teach at MC. “I was happy when I first got the news about being a part of MC,” he said. “I once worked with Mr. Tabernacki before, and the connection was another reason why I wanted to join MC.” 

When it comes to school work and staying organized, Kellam makes things pretty simple. “Everything is online through Google Classroom, which makes it easy,” he says. “I make my students email me so that there show ownership when it comes to missing work. I then approve and address it. Besides that, it’s pretty easy for the most part.” There are plenty of teachers who would say there are some pros and cons when it comes to teaching and the responsibilities behind it, such as keeping up with grades and missing assignments, and checking in on students when necessary at the appropriate time. Mr. Kellam would definitely say there are some good and bad parts to teaching.

“It’s the relationship with students and teaching as a community to improve themselves, it feels very welcoming,” said Kellam when referring to the good side of teaching. The community as a whole that makes up the school has a good impact when it comes to Mr. Kellam’s pros of teaching. However, when it comes to the worst part about teaching, Mr. Kellam hates to see his students not doing well. “Students who have poor grades,” he noted as something he hates to see “When they aren’t putting in effort or aren’t trying.”

One goal that is most important to Mr. Kellam is making sure that students are showing responsibility for their work and giving it 100% each day in class. If students are trying and failing at the same time, that’s also a sign of being attentive.   

Mr. Kellam wants students to know that he will give 100% effort to everyone no matter if they are trying or not. If a student cares and is putting in the effort, that is all that matters. “I care about them,” he said. “Second, I hope they know I’m there for them when it comes to learning as well as them having fun doing it at the same time.” 

Mr. Kellam is excited to be part of the MC community and hopes to make strong bonds with the students in his classroom as well making strong connections throughout the end of the school year.