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New year, new leadership for Student Council


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The Mount Carmel Student Council begins this year with a new look. MC Assistant Dean of Students Mr. Lorenzo Nuñez takes on the role of moderator, while Justin Cozzie (President), Abdel Raoul (Vice President), and Ethan Oliver (Vice President) will represent the student body.

In an interview with the Caravan, Nuñez was quick to talk about several things that will change this year for the students.

Nuñez claims that we can expect an “elevated” role for the Student Council this year, with more emphasis on a legislative style. According to Nuñez, “The council should be a place where young men are learning leadership roles” through the exercise of limited authority.

A lot more pep rallies are also expected this year to get students involved and spread school spirit.

An unexpected change involves Carmel’s biggest week of the year. Homecoming week this year will take place September 25-29.  However, according to Nuñez, “The soccer team is going on an out of state tournament the week of homecoming,” so in order to include those players in the dance, the dance will take place on Saturday, October 6, the weekend following homecoming.

Because of his new duties, Nuñez will not be teaching Theology I as in previous years, which will affect his life at MC. “Not teaching this year has impacted me on a personal level this year, but being able to commit to the endeavors of Student Council and being a dean opens me up to be able to focus on them.”



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Miles Hoey, Staff Writer

Miles Hoey, a senior at Mount Carmel, is a varsity wrestler who lives on the South Side of Chicago in Beverly. Hoey would love to pursue his dreams of wrestling at a Division I university. Wherever he goes, he plans to study nursing and reach his dream job of being a nurse practitioner. In his free time, Hoey enjoys hanging out with friends and going to eat at places near downtown, such as Greektown or Little Italy. The Hoey family has a legacy at Mount Carmel with his father (Jim Hoey ’84) and his brother (Dillon Hoey ’17). Miles describes his Mount Carmel experience as “a fantastic way to get to know people from all over the city that will be friends for a lifetime.”

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New year, new leadership for Student Council