Campus “deep cleaning,” upgrades ongoing during e-learning


Walter Perez

Mr.Perez and Mr.Byers maintenance and disinfection of the school property is ongoing during the ” Stay at Home” order.

Since mid-March, the student body has been unable to attend classes on campus, instead relying on e-learning as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

While students have been restricted to learning at home, the MC Operations Department has been working tirelessly to see that the school facilities are free of the virus, and in top shape to welcome students when they are allowed to return.

Vice President of Operations John Byrne explained that the first priority after the “stay at home” directive closed schools was to make sure the building was free of the virus, and would remain that way.

He explained that the maintenance staff and cleaning crews conducted deep cleaning,”disinfecting all areas of the school.”  In addition, “All eight school buses have been cleaned and disinfected,” and in preparation for the eventual return of students, “Additional sanitizing stations were installed throughout the buildings.”

Since that task was completed, maintenance engineers Walter Perez and Lubo Matvej  have taken advantage of the opportunity to make improvements that ordinarily can be done only during summer months.

Perez described a number of projects that currently are underway, including “patching, sanding and painting classrooms and hallway walls on the 2nd-floor of the main building.”

Byrne added that the north/south corridors were painted with the “accent” colors, and all the classrooms on the third floor, in addition to the entire 3rd floor hallway, were painted. The hallway floors on campus (also) are being stripped and waxed at this time.

According to Byrne and Perez, other significant work includes maintaining chemical levels and heating temperature on the swimming pool and completing the installation of new LED fixtures in the new gym.

“We (also) installed a new module on HVAC thermostats on campus so we could program thermostats from an off-campus device (laptop, cellphone, or iPad), and we will be applying a coat of sealant in different roof areas.”

Other projects include scheduled inspection and repair of the bleachers in the Cacciatore Center and Alumni Gym, and “a spring clean up of the exterior of campus and fertilizing.”  The crew also plans to begin renovation of the Memorial Prayer Garden “soon.”

Another important development involves Barda-Dowling Stadium.  The Operations and Athletic Departments recently invited three different turf companies to submit proposals to replace the Barda-Dowling field turf, which is part of “phase 2” of the stadium construction project.  After reviewing the proposals, “Sprinturf” was chosen to do the installation.

Removal of the old turf will begin on May 18. and the installation of new turf will be completed by mid-June.

So, while e-learning continues to keep students off-campus, the Operations staff continue the hard work of maintaining and improving the facility.  The school should be in excellent condition to welcome back students whenever that is possible.