Students must wait to access lockers


Mount Carmel students can expect information soon concerning when they can retrieve personal items from their lockers.

As MC students were sent home from school in March, anticipating the governor’s “stay at home” directive, they were told to grab everything out of our lockers. But, if you were like me and ignored that warning, then you still have many of your belongings in your lockers.

According to Dean of Students Dan O’Connor, there is currently a plan in the works for students to retrieve their lost items.

“The plan would be to allow a small group of students into school during a certain window of time, but spread out over a few days. Each student will be given a date and time to come and retrieve items.”

Although the details have not been released, Dean O’Connor emphasized that students will be notified to retrieve items as soon as it is safe.

O’Connors plan is consistent with information presented by Governor Pritzker on April 23, when he extended the stay at home order for Illinois until May 30. In making his announcement, Pritzker addressed the problem of student belongings remaining in schools

“Educational institutions may allow and establish procedures for pick-up of necessary supplies or student belongings.”

The fact that Governor Pritzker spoke specifically to school belongings means that this issue is being faced by students throughout Illinois, not just at Mount Carmel.

Until further direction is given by the administration, students should follow the more important part of Pritzker’s announcement – the consistent message that doctors, scientists, and governmental leaders have been sending throughout the pandemic:  “Stay safe – stay at home.”