Tabernacki earns top grades in first year


Charles Pineda

Mr. Scott Tabernacki ’02 became principal of Mount Carmel on July 1, 2019.

Mr. Scott Tabernacki took on the mantle of principal this year. A Mount Carmel and Marquette alumnus, with prior experience working at Holy Trinity, St. Rita and St. John the Baptist, Tabernacki was well prepared and experienced in teaching at Catholic institutions. Needless to say, it was an eventful year and came with many different and unpredictable changes that would prove to be difficult challenges.  But Tabernacki has risen to the occasion and overcome adversity.

When looking back on the year, Tabernacki likes to think about the positives.

“This year has been full of great accomplishments by many. The fall was an awesome reintroduction for me. With the beginning of the year, fall sports in action, and the opening of Barda-Dowling Stadium, I could not have asked for a better ‘homecoming.'”

Even while acknowledging the seriousness of the COVID-19 situation we are facing, Tabernacki looks at the bright side

“There is no doubt that this has impacted us. My biggest takeaway from it all is how special our school environment is.”

Tabernacki is very well respected by his peers. Previous principal John Haggerty  thinks very highly of his successor.

“I’ve been impressed by Mr. Tabernacki from his first day on the job.”

Haggerty noted that his former student returning as principal represented a unique homecoming.

“It’s not easy to step into an institution you attended as a student, and into a leadership role working with many staff whom you once knew as your teachers.”

Another who has been impressed by the new principal is Social Studies teacher Scott Sortal, who thinks that Tabernacki is wise beyond his years.

“He is remarkably poised and mature for a young  administrator.”

Sortal also acknowledges how much Mr. Tabernacki “cares for every student under his watch, and interacts with them daily.”

The new principal also is beloved by the students.

Junior Joe Asta appreciated the effort that Mr Tabernacki put in to get to know the Mount Carmel community.

“I was surprised, he actually got to know the students better and made sure that we are always on the right track.”

Beacom Callahan, another junior, likes how Mr. Tabernacki knows what makes Mount Carmel special.

“I feel like he can connect with us because he understands that special Carmel feeling.”

Finally, junior Matt Neylon, just likes Mr. Tabernacki’s laid back personality.

“He’s a really nice guy and is always relaxed.”

The overall sentiment is that Principal Tabernacki has handled his first year incredibly well, despite the challenges that would have been difficult for the most seasoned principal.

From the entire Caravan, thank you Mr. Tabernacki!