Illinois and Indiana on different timelines for reopening



The Indiana border line sign

On May 1, The State of Indiana lifted its stay at home order. The State of Illinois, on the other, has not fully opened yet, but plans to enter Phase 3 of a reopening plan statewide by June 1. The differing timelines has affected people who may live in Indiana and go to work, school, play sports, etc. in Illinois, as wll as those who have the opposite  business, work or educational experiences.

Mount Carmel students live in both states. Those who live in Illinois are seeing their friends in Indiana be able to start to work-out and train for their sports, while Illinois students do not have this access yet. Parents  who own businesses in Indiana are also getting a head start on reopening. and able to have more sales than Illinois businesses.

The slower timeline for reopening has caused further stress on businesses and families in Illinois, unfortunately.

This disparity also affects families that live in Indiana, but have jobs in Illinois. They are not reaping the benefits of the state being open like other residents that both live and work in Indiana.