Chappetto illustrates a new approach to teaching during COVID-19


Ms. Julie Chappetto is one of the art teachers at Mount Carmel, where she, along with all other teachers, has had to adapt to the challenges that e-learning has brought to teaching hands-on classes like Graphic Design or Advanced Art.

Remote students must log into a Zoom call at their assigned class times. The first challenge comes when remote students log-in late to class, to which Chappetto responds just as she would for students who are in the physical classroom.

“If I have to hold guys (at school) to the standard to be here at 8:05, then I also have to hold the remote learners to that standard as well.“

Next, there was the need to find ways to make the most of ZOOM, the on-line learning platform.  Chappetto admits that  during the first week it was a struggle, not only to get students online, but to make sure they hadn’t gotten kicked out from the Zoom classroom or stuck in the “waiting room.”

“It’s a new technology which I had to learn a little quicker so I could project my design examples to online students.”

Hands-on class like Advanced Art and Graphic Design pose  additional challenges for students at home, since art materials are not as easily accessible. Fortunately, Chappetto was prepared to offer material pick ups for online students.

“I gathered a couple things into bags, like sketch books, watercolors, colored pencils, and markers for kids to come in and take home so they didn’t have to spend extra money.”

While the experience isn’t quite the same, through preparation and thoughtfulness Chappetto is making it possible for the remote students to continue to develop their artistic talent.


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