Keys to success in e-learning

Some schools are giving their students the option to learn remotely or in school. Since e-learning is somewhat of a new phenomenon, teachers are figuring out ways for those students to be successful.

Mount Carmel Spanish teacher and Head Soccer Coach Antonio Godinez says the key is communication.

“Be on time, be present, and ask questions when you don’t understand, and communicate with classmates about the assignments.”

In school everything is focused around learning and nothing else. At home things may be different.

Senior Jake Harris says it all comes down to avoiding distractions.

“At home there are so many distractions from family members and even pets.  Between me and my parents we all don’t have a place to work and it would be extremely hard to focus in that type of environment.”

At home e-learners have to be as focused as possible especially since they do not have immediate, physical contact with their teachers.

Not all students had a choice to be in school.

Senior Jadyn Benson is learning remotely at his parents’ insistence.

“I would rather be in school, but my parents wouldn’t allow me to because it is too much of a risk for me to bring something home and cause my family to be quarantined.”

Students who live with grandparents or people who are of a higher risk to covid COVID-19 want to be as safe as they possibly can and avoid any chance of receiving COVID-19 and spreading it throughout the household.