Another COVID consequence: no trimester exams

As we reach the end of Trimester 1 of the 2020-2021 school year there has been a lot of change and more than the years before. No fall sports, no Studium, wearing masks in the school and occasional remote learning practice days, all due to COVID-19. The latest impact is the decision to not administer Trimester 1 exams.

In Mount Carmel’s Parent Newsletter on November 9, Principal Scott Tabernacki notified parents that the previously scheduled exam days have been cancelled.  Instead, on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (11/16, 17, 18) students will have regular school days and Wednesday will be a routine late start.

Tabernacki went on to explain that “In lieu of designated exam days, teachers will administer in-class assessments or projects, due by Wednesday, November 18th. These assessments/projects will be part of the 12-week grade; no additional percentage will be attached.

Senior Harry Moynihan observed that the change is not surprising, but that he appreciates not having to worry about “official” finals.

“This year will obviously be different because of COVID-19. I usually study with my friends before final, but due to social distancing it would be a lot harder to study on my own.”


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