Facemasks: choosing comfort or protection.


Due to COVID-19, MC students are required to wear face masks at all times.  There are ongoing debates among students about which style is best. Which is the most comfortable, yet effective face mask? There are pros and cons for each type.

A really common choice is the cotton mask. The cotton face mask is known to be extremely comfortable and lets very little air pass through, but does not completely block the transfer of germs.

Senior Aiden Boukal observes, “They help you, but honestly, how good is it helping? I think that they are good (value) for the money, but something could be better.”

Picture from wikimedia commons Photographer: NeoBatfreak

Another choice, the KN95, is the best mask you will find for protection but not comfort, according to senior Angel Samperio.  The mask is light-weight and is effective and is the best for protection. It lets no air out of the mask and allows for a slightly restricted airflow when you breath in, due to the respirator on the side of the mask which blocks out dust particles.

“I use this mask to go into very crowded spaces because it is really protective. It isn’t the most comfortable, but it is really light,” says Samperio.

The most comfortable mask, but the least protective, would be the face sleeve. This mask is nothing but a thin piece of knit fabric that has zero air constriction but is extremely light weight allowing the mask to be real comfortable.

Senior Xander Uzubell points out that “you can easily blow air through the face mask, but also air could come into the face mask as well.”