Project upgrades Memorial Prayer Garden


Saul Catalan

Empty prayer garden with plans to be remodeled

As all Mount Carmel students and alumni can attest, the Prayer Garden is a part of the school that everyone knows and loves. The prayer garden is changing right under our noses with plans to expand it and redecorate it.

The Prayer Garden is the chunk of land in between the entrance gates and the Security Office that most students pass through at the start of their day. Historically, the Prayer Garden had a pond and foliage surrounding it, but with the ongoing renovation, it appears that the pond has disappeared.

For over 20 years, students have walked through the Prayer Garden from their first day of freshman year to the final day of their senior year.

Alumni Andre Johnson ’20 was surprised to hear of the changes.

“I didn’t even know that they were changing it up, but it should provide a nice change of pace for the people who have always seen it. Hopefully it looks nice for the incoming classes.”