MC students and staff fully back on campus with Covid procedures


MC celebrated Mass together September 8. Photo courtesy of Mt. Carmel Twitter.

Everyone has questions in the crazy Covid world, especially with many schools like Mt. Carmel returning to full in-person learning this school year. Keeping the school community as protected as possible is of utmost importance to the MC administration.

“We need to make sure that all families and parents are safe,” says Mt. Carmel principal Mr. Scott Tabernacki. He understands how crucial it is. Safety for the students and staff are necessities, particularly in the time of a pandemic. 

Vaccinations are an important asset to fighting the spread of the virus. At Mt. Carmel 98 percent of faculty are vaccinated. “By the end of October that number will be 100 percent,” according to Mr. Tabernacki. Testing and vaccinations for students and families has been available at Mt. Carmel and may be again in the future.  

Participating in high school sports often means close contact with others, and this could result in more possible Covid cases. “It is very important to be fully vaccinated if you are doing sports,” says Mr. Tabernacki. 

Cleaning, sanitizing, and wearing masks helps the school community stay safe. Following the rules is so important during this unique time. That includes social distancing and monitoring one’s symptoms if a student does not feel well and that student not being on campus if he is symptomatic.

Any vaccinated student who is in close contact with a student who has symptoms and/or tests positive will not need to be sent home. “If you test positive,” says Mr. Tabernacki, “you will go on an extended absence policy.” 

Should a student have to spend time away from campus due to a positive test or unvaccinated exposure, Google Classroom and emails will keep that student in the loop with his classes.

Students who have had to stay home can return when they have a negative Covid test. Should a situation arise where several members of the school community test positive, in-person learning may change, but hopefully that remains only a possibility rather than reality. “We will most likely go back into remote learning” should positive case numbers rise at MC, says Mr. Tabernacki.

Most Mt. Carmel students and faculty agree that learning happens best when done in person. That can continue at MC if everyone does their best to listen to the experts at the CDC and within the Archdiocese. 

These uncertain times have made life at Mt. Carmel slightly different from what it used to be, but learning in person is back in full swing. With 1 in every 500 Americans dead from Covid, people can see why caution, rules, and trust are a part of this new way of life. 

These are fairly unprecedented times, and hopefully the situation changes for the better and soon. Then everyone in the world can tell their future children and grandchildren about life during the pandemic rather than those children still experiencing it as a reality. 

The Mt. Carmel community has made it easier to deal with our current situation, and there is an upbeat vibe in the school with students and teachers all back together in physical classrooms again. The future is unclear, but the MC family is on the right track to get through these challenging times. 


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