Welcome back intramurals, bye-bye Studium


Imari Price 22'

Students are back in action in intramural football.

With the start of the new school year, Mount Carmel High School returned an old but great part of the days before the pandemic: intramural sports. Currently, students who are not on the varsity football team are playing football against other members of their class, and it seems like they are enjoying it. 

“I feel great about the return of intramurals,” said senior Miles Murphy. “It’s an overall fun activity for everybody.”

The way that the teams were selected this year was by lunch period, which is also the same time students participate in intramurals. Students filled out team rosters via a Google Form that the school provided, but students could only have people on the team that are in their same lunch period. 

The sophomore class didn’t get the opportunity last year to have intramurals due to Covid. In the past, the way that intramural teams were selected was by Studium, a free period that was previously in the student’s schedules mixed with freshman, sophomore, juniors, and seniors.

“Honestly, last year I felt [Studium with intramurals] was kind of boring,” said senior Anthony Nickerson, “not only for me personally but also for the freshman. Once you experience it you always want to have it.” 

Covid had a big impact on the lower classman, as they didn’t get to experience some of the Mount Carmel traditions like live sporting events. Getting a bit back to normal gives not only the lower classman an opportunity to experience student intramurals but also, for the upperclassmen, a little bit of the pre-pandemic Mount Carmel.

“Division” is also new to student schedules this year. Similar to Studium of old, the period acts as Homeroom. 

“I like it,” said senior Lemeko Williams of the new addition to the schedule. “Reminds me a lot of Studium, which I enjoyed.”

But not all students enjoy the addition of Division. “I feel like they should’ve kept Studium,” said senior Vaughn Jackson. 

The distinguishing factor of Division versus Studium is the Division classes consist of students all from the same year rather than the mix that Studium had. 

Division only meets on most Tuesdays and Thursdays, not daily. Students are not forced to sit in silence or have a mandatory Study Hall. The period also serves to take care of any school housekeeping issues, like info from the Counseling Office, as well as collecting student donations for the Carmelite Missions.

In Mrs. Julie Chappetto’s Division class, students tend to play basketball with a Wiffle ball on a mini hoop until the end of the period. Many teachers let students use the time at their discretion, mostly just giving students a chance to unwind for a bit and socialize. 

Many students appreciate the Division time. “I love that it is a free period to chill or catch up with your homework and talk to your friends,” senior Miles Murphy said.

While Division is new, a return to the camaraderie it offers is MC tradition. Along with the return of intramurals, the chance to be back with Carmel brothers is something the student body definitely values.