Personal Tour Night offers families a look into superstardom


Tony DiFilippo

Senior Danny Bracewell giving a tour at Personal Tour Night

On November 10, at Mount Carmel High School, there was a chance for superstars. This stardom could be acquired by attending Personal Tour Night. It is an opportunity for young men and their families to visit and experience Mount Carmel. Speakers talked about the advantages at MC. Student guides gave tours of the campus and answered questions from potential future students. It is an important night because the future is meeting with the present and enjoying the prestige of the past. 

“It is a mini-open house,” Mr. Craig Ferguson, Director of Admissions and Enrollment, said, “Personal Tour Night is more intimate and a better opportunity for families to ask questions.” The event is also close to the entrance exam, so it is a good time to answer anything from families that have questions about MC. Mr. Ferguson explained how Mount Carmel continues to be a diverse school in many areas, including ethnicity and geographical areas that the school serves. He talked about the wide range of academics offered. Mr. Ferguson commented on athletics and academics. The student would be welcomed to Mount Carmel High School. 

Mr. Scott Tabernacki, Principal at Mount Carmel, told of a safe and successful school that is a good investment for families and their sons. Mr. Tabernacki feels Mount Carmel is better because of the opportunities and the strength of the program. All 6th, 7th, and 8th graders are welcome, with the focus on 8th graders. “It is important because it gives us a chance to make personal connections with potential students and their families,” said Mr. Tabernacki

Mr. Brendan Conroy said that the tours are great because visitors can question current students to get a feel for what is special at Mount Carmel. “It gives families opportunities to meet current students one on one and with faculty too”, said Mr. Conroy. He talked of how all areas academic, spiritual, and athletic are experienced at Mount Carmel. He hopes all families will see the school across the board. The impression that Mount Carmel is friendly and deeply cares is important. There’s a chance for young men to grow and become even better. 

“Presentations are really important because it allows families to truly see what high school is best for their son,” said Mr. Tony DiFilippo, Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Planning, said, He thinks that Mount Carmel is special and different from other schools. 

A clear picture of what is offered will make Mount Carmel the choice for families to make. The journey should be embraced by the young men. 

“I believe it can open up a lot of opportunities and a chance to flourish,” said Cade Everett, an 8th grader from Summit Hill Junior High, in Frankfort. The visiting students were impressed by what they experienced at Personal Tour Night. 

“I feel this is a very diverse school with a lot of sports interests and a catholic school,” said Jacob Ramirez, an 8th grader from Jane Addams Elementary. Prospective students also spoke of sports, friendship, and good academic opportunities. Their reactions were very positive about Mount Carmel. 

Current students were tour guides and an intricate part of Personal Tour Night. “I enjoy these tours because I love Mount Carmel and want to show my love and appreciation for Mount Carmel,” junior Kevin Jacobs said. “Giving these students a chance to see how great Carmel is and how much fun it is.” Senior Imari Price added, “I think it is fun to me because Mount Carmel students and parents are coming to see how students act and how the school functions.” 

Mr. Mark Antonietti, English and Mandarin teacher and football coach, explained that the tours are important because the visitors get to see what Mount Carmel men are really like. He thinks Mount Carmel lives up to its motto. By working together, students and faculty make Mount Carmel a great place. Students will learn and mature. English teacher Mr. Dan Haggerty, explained that Mount Carmel offers a learning experience that excels for each individual student. The all-male environment makes these students thrive. 

The night was a success thanks to faculty, administration, staff, parents, and student guides. They all had significant roles in making visitors feel appreciated. Their experience and their efforts led to the Personal Tour Night being a great success.