Movember motivates at Mount Carmel


Daniel Leanos

Senior Daniel Leanos growing out his mustache.

Students of 6410 aren’t getting write-ups because Movember is happening at Mount Carmel. Movember is an annual event involving the growing of mustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of men’s health issues, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and men’s suicide. Students can participate this year by checking in with Mr. Brooks Neverly.

Movember was created by two Australians named Travis Garone and Luke Slattery. The non-profit project raises money for cancer by asking men to grow their facial hair for 30 days and then shave it all off. Students being able to participate in Movember is really special. This is the one time of the year where they get to grow out their facial hair and not get a dress code for it or a detention for it. They get a little freedom and get to keep a little of their manhood. 

This is a contest held once a year only in the month of November. The way to win is by having the best-looking stache. The winner also gets a cash prize. This is the only month where students don’t have to worry about teachers asking them to pull down their mask to see if they have any facial hair. 

Any student can feel free to participate in this ongoing contest. “I just thought it would be fun, and I don’t have to shave every week now. My facial hair grows back very quickly, and I think I look good with it, so why not enter the contest?” senior president Danny Bracewell said.

When asked how good it’s going he said, “Well I haven’t had any dress codes, and that’s a plus, and I also get to see how far I can grow my mustache. I feel like my competition is easy. I grow my facial hair back in like one day after I have to shave it off. I think I’ll win this competition very easily.” 

“I hate shaving in the school bathroom,” senior Daniel Leanos said. “After I shaved it gave me a lot of pimples. I also don’t like the way my face looks when I shave. It makes me look like a baby even though I’m a senior in high school. I think they should let us have mustaches on a regular basis.” 

Students are given razors if they have any type of facial hair and they have to shave or they get a write-up. Some students think that they should be able to keep mustaches but that won’t be happening. The Carmel handbook says that “Sideburns may not extend below the lowest part of the ear. Students may not wear any other facial hair.”

“Students are very excited and we bring this competition to add a little fun,” said Mr. Neverly. The competition ends at the end of the month until then the Men of Carmel can keep their mustaches and have a chance at winning some cash.

Who doesn’t like a little money in their pocket?