Senior Awards send off class of 2022


Ryan Boersma

Nolan Fletes receives the first-place award for AP Mechanics.

The senior awards are the last time a Mount Carmel Student is recognized for their academic prowess before graduation. As such, the senior academic awards tend to have more weight to them and are usually viewed as more prestigious. There is no better way to send of the seniors than by recognizing how much they have accomplished while at Mount Carmel.


Senior awards are given to the most outstanding in a given class, with one honorable mention as well. Both awards are very prestigious since only two are given out per class



First-place: Nate Monberg

Honorable Mention: Nolan Fletes



First-place: Nate Monberg


AP Literature and Composition

First-place: Billy McHugh

Honorable Mention: Peter Navarre


English 4 Excel

First-place: Kamrin Rey

Honorable Mention: Alex Schons


21st Century Media

First-place: Rocco Mancilla

Honorable Mention: Ryan Boersma


Spanish 4

First-place: Jaylin Kershaw

Honorable Mention: Alan Acevedo


AP Spanish 4

First-place: Noah Sanchez

Honorable Mention: Nolan Fletes


Mandarin 4 Honors

First-place: DJ Alfultis

Honorable Mention: Owen Duignan


AP Latin 4

First-place: David Hickey

Honorable Mention: Owen Wilinski



First-place: Alex Schons

Honorable Mention: Anthony Nicholson


AP Calculus AB

First-place: Nolan Fletes


AP Statistics

First-place: Patrick Sullivan

Honorable Mention: Billy McHugh


Algebra 3/Trigonometry

First-Place: Anthony Moreno

Honorable Mention: Joey Thompson



Honorable Mention: Vaughn Jackson


AP Mechanics 

First-place: Nolan Fletes

Honorable Mention: Patrick Sullivan


Anatomy and Physiology

First-place: Alex Schons

Honorable Mention: Alan Acevedo


Environmental Science

First-place: Jacob Ayala


AP Environmental Science

First-place: Kameron Williams

Honorable Mention: Devin Jones


Forensic Science

First-place: Ethan Larson

Honorable Mention: Noah Sanchez



First Place: Vaughn Jackson

Honorable Mention: Kamrin Rey


AP Economics

Honorable Mention: Patrick Sullivan


AP Psychology

First Place: Kameron Williams

Honorable Mention: Alex Schons


Physical Education Fitness

First place: Colin Horneman


Drawing and Painting

Honorable Mention: Imari Price



First-place: Lucas Gricus



First-place: Ethan Rompala-Matthews

Honorable Mention: Myles Supergeci



First-place: Myles Supergeci

Honorable Mention: Lucas Gricus


Advanced Art 

First-Place: Noah Sanchez

Honorable Mention: Jaylen Griggs


Graphic Design

First-place: PJ Walsh


Concert Band

First-place: Kameron Williams


Guitar 2

Honorable Mention: DJ Alfultis


Masters Singers

First-Place: Ryan Finn



First-place: Lance Kenzinger

Honorable Mention: Noah Sanchez


Spanish 3 Excel

First-Place: Diego Lopez


Most total awards 

Nolan Fletes: 4 (2 first-place awards, 2 honorable mention awards)

Noah Sanchez: 4 (2 first-place awards, 2 honorable mention awards)

Alex Schons: 4 (2 first-place awards, 2 honorable mention awards)

Patrick Sullivan: 3 (1 first-place award, 2 honorable mention awards)

Kameron Williams: 3 (3 first-place awards)


Three seniors, Nolan Fletes, Noah Sanchez, and Alex Schons tied for the most awards at 4. Fletes, Sanchez, and Schons each had two first place and two honorable mention awards. Patrick Sullivan and Kameron Williams had three awards each, with Sullivan having one first-place award and two honorable mention awards. However, Williams went three-for-three and had all of his awards be first-place ones, meaning despite having one less award than Schons, Sanchez, and Fletes Williams had the most first-place awards of anyone. 

When asked about this accomplishment, Williams downplayed his achievement. 

“It’s a nice recognition, but I didn’t really see it as a competition,” said Williams.

Fletes, the class of 2022 Valedictorian, also took his awards humbly.

“It’s a pretty cool ceremony,” said Fletes. “It is definitely a great way to send out the senior class.”