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#FlyTheW, sadly


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It’s been nearly a week now since the Cubs beat Cleveland in Game 7 of the World Series, but it still seems to be all people can talk about. Walking down the street, no matter where you are, all you see are people decked out in their Cubs gear supporting the team. For a life-long Sox fan, it’s been a rough couple days.

Growing up a White Sox fan, living in Bridgeport about 3 blocks from Sox Park, with your aunt working at the stadium itself…well, you learn to hate the Cubs. So when the Cubs decided to step up their game and start doing well, it was rough.

Honestly I didn’t watch the entire series because I don’t care about the Cubs, but I couldn’t help but hear about who won. So, when I heard that Cleveland was up in the series 3-1, I thought it would all be over soon. Little did I know the Cubs would end up winning three straight and end this century-long drought.

During game 7, I watched nervously as the score went back and forth.  By the eighth inning, with the Cubs up 6-3, I thought for sure it was over. I almost turned off the TV, but I forced myself to watch. It seemed a miracle had come when Cleveland tied it up in the bottom of the eighth; maybe it wasn’t over yet.

But then the rain delay came. It was already late, but I couldn’t go to sleep without knowing who would win this game. So I stuck it out until the game restarted. By then, it was obvious that Cleveland had lost its momentum.

I knew in the top of the tenth inning that it was all over. The Cubs had scored twice to make it 8-6, and the Indians weren’t going to be able to recover from it. But I still held onto some hope that maybe they would pull through. When Cleveland scored that one run I still thought it was over, but nonetheless I was excited. But there were already two outs, and after one quick groundout the game was over. The Cubs had ended the streak.

The second they won, it seemed basically everyone was posting about it on social media. I had to take a break from my phone because it was all I saw. Apparently everyone was a Cubs fan now.

Of course, then there was the parade and rally on that Friday, which nearly everyone I knew was going to. I steered clear of downtown the entire day, deciding to go to Mount Carmel’s soccer game in Hoffman Estates instead.

Now, I just really hope the talk about the Cubs can finally die down, and I can get some peace for the first time since the season started.


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#FlyTheW, sadly