Private schools offer benefits

There are two basic types of schools, private and public.  While they have much in common in terms of academic courses, sports, and extracurricular activities, there also are important differences.

Public  schools typically serve students from a specific community or district.  If you live in that district it’s expected you will attend the community school.  On the other hand, when it comes to private schools, their students may come from many locations and from various grammar schools and get to meet people from different parts.  As a result  you expand your viewpoint on things. I think this is an important benefit not available to a public school student.

In most private schools, you usually will be part of a smaller student body,  and you may have more opportunity to get involved, to be known, and to receive the attention you need to be successful.

Some private schools also are focused on a single gender, an option that most public schools don’t offer. By being around the same gender, you can relate more on things and not worry about how you are being viewed by the opposite sex.

In my opinion, attending a private school was the best choice for me. I know the majority of people in my class and school, and I have grown from the opportunity to meet people from different areas and backgrounds and to interact with them in and out of school.