What I’ve learned about myself and others during the “stay home” restrictions

Over the break I’ve learned a lot about myself.

First of all, I learned how much I truly enjoy the daily company of friends.

I feel like one of the most important things about school (besides the education obviously) has to be the friendships that you build. Being able to talk to friends every day, and sort of share a similar mindset to people your o age is very refreshing.

Maybe I took getting to see my friends for granted, but I’m sure that if I have an opportunity to be with friends or family, I will never pass it up again.

A second key thing that I learned is that my grandparents (who are in their eighties) never experienced anything quite like this throughout their entire lifetimes.

I found this to be interesting, since they experienced things such as World War II, and even things more recent such as 9/11. It does make sense though, as during those times, people were working together to achieve things. Now however, we are strongly advised to not even be in the same room as anyone who doesn’t live in the same household.

Finally I learned just how big of an impact that little things being closed (such as a basketball gym), and bigger things (such as the NBA being closed) have on my life.

I see playing basketball with friends as sort of an escape from the real world. I push everything aside in my mind and just can focus on a game I love. Now, without the luxury of being able to play basketball with friends, I sit inside and feel almost trapped. I know there are other ways to get out energy, but none give me the joy of basketball.

Likewise, the NBA is something I love (as you can tell by my many NBA related articles). It is something that, with every new game that occurs, gives me something to talk about. In my eyes, the world seems to be shut down without NBA, however, something that has kept NBA fans excited is NBA 2k, a video game that has many modes where you can play with your favorite players or teams.

NBA 2k’s “MyTeam” mode gives fans daily free packs, which give out free players or items for your specific team, and keeps providing the community with new content that somewhat makes up for the absence of the NBA, as you are able to play with your favorite players.

Hopefully this all comes to an end soon so that we are able to enjoy the many shows, events and moments that make life more exciting.