Speculating on long-term effects of COVID-19



The coronavirus will have a lasting impact on the world (Photo Credit https://www.vperemen.com via Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons License)

Throughout history, many events have changed the way the world operates. Examples include major wars such as WWI and WWII, or even groundbreaking achievements such as Neil Armstrong landing on the moon.

Therefore there seems little doubt that a pandemic, such as the one we are currently experiencing, will have a lasting effect on history. I will suggest a few examples of changes that could occur post-lockdown.

First of all, this pandemic and the resulting lockdown could change the way work is done.

For the past couple of years, technology has been evolving at a rapid pace. According to Fortunly, “The number of industrial robot jobs increases by 14% each year.” This can be seen as quite scary for human workers, as, according to Business Insider, the nine-week total for unemployed workers rose to 39 million.

Second, on a more positive side, this lockdown has prepared us for any diseases that may happen in the future.

As a society, we have shown that we can still function, even in a crisis, through the power of internet and strategic planning. Popular television shows are still running, packages are still being delivered, and there are strategic, planned ways that you can get food from a restaurant, fast-food place, or from your grocery store.

Third, sports will be different when they return.

If you know me, you know that it is impossible for me not to mention sports when writing an article. And as a sports fan (specifically the NBA), I can’t see things returning back to normal for a while.

Up until recently, NBA players weren’t allowed to use the practice facility. This means that for around two months, many players weren’t getting the proper training that they need to perform at the highest level.

On top of the inability to work out properly, when the NBA first returns, there likely will not be any fans. It will be very weird understanding how games will be the same without the excitement of a home crowd. Many players play to the crowd, and without the crowd, we could see a big change in numbers for certain players.

Finally, depending if we find a vaccine, the way that we interact with others  could go different ways: either we allow technology to start taking over, running society, or we could miss interactions with others and start to interact way more often, straying away from the online world that seems destined to come.