Smola impacts students even while remote


Mrs. Smola enabled students to continue learning when everyone went remote.

I have officially reached the last day of high school. On May 18 I will have received my diploma and officially be graduated.

Throughout my years there have been multiple teachers who have helped me succeed. My counselor Mr. Peltzer, despite his direct honesty, has been a huge impact on me and also helped me through some of the toughest times of my life.

The individual who has truly impacted my life was my junior year algebra two teacher Mrs. Smola. This may come as a surprise to her because we do not talk every time I see her in the hallways and we may not always acknowledge each other. This women has taught me to be confident in myself. Besides math she taught me basic life skills. She made school seem as if it wasn’t that bad.

The way she teaches made math seem so simple. A topic I have always struggled with became my favorite.

Towards the end of junior year when we switched to e-learning she made the transfer seem so easy. One of the most dramatic changes in my life she made seem so simple.

I am grateful for all she has done and hope to see Mrs. Smola again when I visit. Thank you