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Caravan tip-off 2018-19 season

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Caravan tip-off 2018-19 season

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Caravan Basketball is off to a solid start. As of December 12, 2018, the Caravan is 6-2.

Coach Segroves is excited about the new year of Caravan basketball. Although the team had a disappointing 2017-18 season, “things are coming around.”

Segroves believes people shouldn’t dwell on the past, because “the past is for losers.” Segroves really respects how the seniors have taken over leadership of the team.

The coach also is appreciative of how his players have improved since last season, and points out that teammates have developed great bonds with each other.  Segroves credits the summer ball they played together for that.

In addition to improving their skills and teamwork, the Caravan players also are focused on their goals, individually and as a team.

Junior Andre Bennett’s primary goals are for the team to win the CCL, and then to advance deep into the playoffs.  In order to achieve that, according to his classmate Christian Payton, everyone will need to “make a contribution to his teammates” this season.

Senior Will Mendez also is hoping to win the CCL this year, and hopes to go further in the playoffs than last year.

Mendez has seen a lot change since his freshman year, including in his own motivation and mindset.  Currently his best memory is of the CCL championship during his sophomore year.  Along with his team goals for this year, Mendez has set personal goals to be the best teammate he can be, go out with a “bang,” and “make many memories with his team.”

Mendez hopes to continue on the court in college.  “(It) doesn’t matter where or what division; I want to play somewhere.”


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Caravan tip-off 2018-19 season