Soccer overnight celebrates end of season

The soccer overnight has been a tradition that the soccer team has enjoyed following every one of Coach Antonio Godinez’s seasons leading the program.

Each year, after the playoffs have concluded, team members (varsity as well as frosh/soph) meet up at school on a Friday ready for a night of food and fun.  Everyone brings food or drinks (depending on the grade level), including some people healthy snacks to start off the event.

This year’s participation was down slightly, mostly because many of the seniors had just returned from Kairos and were too tired to attend. Many of those who did participate showed up early for the basketball game vs. De La Salle.

The overnight begins with open gym games of soccer and basketball. The coaches also bring gaming consoles such as and Xbox 1 or  Ps4, and there usually is either a FIFA tournament or games of Fortnite.

Later at night there is pizza and wings, until we all get tired and fall asleep.

The team sleeps in classrooms, either Coach Medina’s 308 or Head Coach Godinez’s 203.  Everyone brings sleeping bags and pillows, and after a long week and a evening full of activity things quiet down by about 2 AM.

Then when everyone starts to wake up we all go out to eat breakfast or wait for our parents to pick us up. Most people leave around ten o’clock.

The soccer coaches that chaperoned the overnight this year were Manuel Medina, Alex Perez and Godinez.