What does the future hold for Tom Brady?


Jeffrey Beall

Tom Brady, national football league quarterback (photo credit: Jeffrey Beall via Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons license)

Tom Brady hasn’t had his best season this year. Brady threw only 24 touchdowns and hasn’t thrown so few since back in 2006. His rating was also a 88% and it hasn’t been that low since back in 2003. It is clear to say that Brady has already reached his peak and is starting to go downhill.

Brady’s decline really affected the Patriots this season, who suffered an upset in the wild card game against the Titans. After the game, when asked if he would retire, his one word was “unlikely.” Brady previously stated that he plans to play until he is 45, which means that he will be playing until 2022, which would make him the second oldest position player ever in the NFL, after George Blanda of the Oakland Raiders.

Therefore, it appears that the chances of Brady retiring this year are slim. But the question remains: Was this Brady’s last year as a Patriot?

In the offseason, the Patriots will have a chance to reconsider their needs, and since Brady is a free agent, he also may have options.

This season, the Colts were a great team looking for a chance to compete for playoffs. Then Andrew Luck their quarterback retired unexpectedly, and the season didn’t turn out as expected. With a stable quarterback like Brady, it might give them another shot at the playoffs and maybe even a better shot than with Luck.

The Buccaneers head coach, Bruce Arians, is done with their quarterback, Jamies Winston, after his terrible season with them. Winston is hitting free agency this year and it is unlikely he will be welcomed back as a Buc. An open slot at quarterback would give Brady a shot to make the Buccaneers the contending team they would like to be. They have great receivers such as Mike Evans, Chris Godwin and Scott Miller. It would be a great offense and could have a shot at winning the South for the NFC.

The big thing for the Panthers right now is Cam Newton. Newton’s contract with them just expired, and it’s a question if they want to resign him. He hasn’t been able to play like the MVP Cam we used to know due to injuries. Last season he only played two games. He is also recovering from surgery and might miss some of the beginning of the upcoming season. The backup, Kyle Allen, started off great and looked like a superstar, but ended the season on an eight-game losing streak. The Panthers  recently signed the Patriots’ old offensive coach, Josh McDaniels. With McDaniels as the new coach they can sign Brady and recreate the partnership they had in New England. It would also give Carolina another shot at the playoff with a top three defense, a decent offense and Tom Brady at quarterback.

Finally, the Chicago Bears likely are stuck with Mitchell Trubisky for this upcoming season. Trubisky didn’t perform as anyone wanted last season, which prevented the Bears from being a playoff team. Nevertheless, with a great defense the Bears have potential to turn from a good team to a great team. A consistent veteran like Brady would not only help the Bears next year, but also contribute to Trubisky’s development for the future.