Back on the mats


Andrew Robustelli

Noel Rosales ’21 shown wrestling against Marist in the 2019-2020 season, look forward to the abbreviated spring season this year.

Ever since COVID-19 came about, there has been no way for wrestlers to wrestle. On April 19, the wrestling team practiced for the first time in over a year. Despite wrestling being a physical sport, the IHSA has not required wrestlers to wear masks during matches.

Coach Alex Tsirtsis recognizes that wrestling poses a unique challenge.

“Wrestling with a mask on would be nearly impossible and would have a great impact on the fatigue of a wrestler.”

As a result, “No extra rules have been applied to the sport. Wrestlers will not be required to wear masks.”

Along side not having to wear a mask, no COVID-19 test will be required before a match. The only difference is that the wrestling team will not be traveling as much as in a typical year, as competition is limited to a 30-mile radius.

Normally the team would travel at least once a year to a tournament out of state. This year, Tsirtsis notes, “We will only be playing local high school teams.”

Despite that limitation, the team is excited to get started.

“During practice and matches, it’s like we are getting a small break from the reality we all live in,” said senior wrestler Noel Rosales.

To be able to get together and wrestle is like taking a step toward normalcy.