White Sox chances of winning the World Series


The Chicago White Sox have had a magnificent year as the 2021 season is coming to an end. The MLB playoffs will officially begin on October 4th and will feature the American League Central champion South Siders.

Last year, the Sox lost in the Wild Card Series 2-1 to the Oakland Athletics. The White Sox hope to bounce back and make a stronger run in the playoffs. The Sox haven’t had much luck reaching or performing in the playoffs since their 2005 World Series victory.

Pretty much everyone on the team, including the coaching staff, has affected the team’s success as a whole. Manager Tony La Russa in his first year with the Sox has done an impressive job steering the ship to the postseason. “I know what’s at stake here.” La Russa said when was interviewed by USA Today Sports. “I know there’s going to be pressure. My understanding is if I don’t do a good job in spring, I won’t make it to Opening Day.”

The Sox understand that merely making the postseason is not enough, though.

“It’s not about winning the division,” White Sox coach Frank Menechino told NBC Sports Chicago this past month. “It’s about keeping that everyday mentality so when we get to the playoffs, we stay the same. You can’t try to, Okay, we’ll turn it on from the playoffs. All right, I’m done resting. I’m going to turn the switch on.’ it doesn’t work that way.”

Despite the team’s success this season, the question is how far can the White Sox make it in the playoffs. Can the Sox be the team that comes out and wins it all?

“You never know what to expect,” starting pitcher Dallas Keuchel said last week. “It’s kind of like, ‘Hey, flip a coin (to find out) what’s going to happen.’ Are we going to come out really strong, like we know we can? Or are we going to come out and not put all three phases of the game together? I don’t know. I’d like to say I’ve seen a lot, but I know I haven’t seen it all. When that time comes, I know we’ll try our best, but I would like to see all three phases put together.”

There is no guarantee how good or bad the White Sox will perform in the postseason. It will be all about playing the best baseball that they possibly can as well as everyone contributing.

“I don’t know,” starting catcher Yasmani Grandal said about what the postseason holds. “I’m not really a fortune teller. So I can’t tell you how it will transfer over to the postseason. The one thing about the postseason is you just want to take it, you want a chance at being the last team standing. You never know what’s going to happen.”

October is going to be one interesting month for the White Sox. The team has had an impressive season, to say the least. White Sox fans hope to see the team win their first World Series since 2005.