Mr. Sortal returns to a different Carmel


Kristian Rokita

Mr. Scott Sortal recently announced the formation of a Finance Club for Mount Carmel students.

The 2018-19 school year has introduced several new faculty and staff, not all of whom are entirely new.  Among this year’s additions, Mr. Scott Sortal returns to MC where he taught previously from 2012 to 2015.   Since then, he has worked as the assistant hockey director for the Northbrook Hockey Club.

Sortal is conscious that there have been many changes at MC since 2015, including a new president, new football coach and remodeled second and third floors. Recalling how he “knew every student” before he departed in 2015, he noted that there are many students and faculty with whom he now must become acquainted.

Sortal, who attended and played goalie for the University of Vermont, teaches history courses to juniors and seniors. One of his goals is finding ways to incorporate primary sources into his teaching to offer better looks into history for students. Sortal enjoys offering “a look into history” with the material he covers. He also believes in letting students get fresh air and stretch. Once a class, students can get water or stand for a few minutes ensuring they are comfortable and in their best state to learn.

Although much has changed, Mr. Sortal is still a great fit for MC and the students. Many incoming students would be very lucky to meet him and eventually take his class.


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