Mr. EJ Camacho returns ready to teach


Charles Pineda

Mr. EJ Camacho is the new forensics and biology teacher

Mr. Camacho is a new teacher this year at Mount Carmel, teaching forensic science to seniors forensics and biology to freshmen.

He grew up in the southern suburbs and is a 2015 alumnus of the school. He enjoyed his time at Carmel, and recalls that  “the teachers cared for us and wanted us to succeed in life.”

After graduating from Mount Carmel, Camacho earned his bachelor’s degree at DePaul University.

So far, he is enjoying his first year of teaching, and is looking forward to again experiencing some of the memorable traditions of the school, “such as Coach Antonietti’s leadership at pep rallies.” (Every year during homecoming week, Mr. Antonietti is one of the teachers and coaches who participates in the traditional “pumpkin smash” that always fires up the student body.)

Camacho also looks forward to seeing the growth and development in both his freshmen and senior classes that will occur over the course of the year.