Fight Night Swings Back to Success


Luke Boersma

A bout starts at Fight Night in the Alumni Gym on Saturday, April 30, 2022.

This year’s Fight Night was a true return to form. 

After two years of not having a full Fight Night experience due to Covid-19 restrictions, this past Saturday, April 30, a full card was held in the Alumni Gym. Last year, Fight Night did take place, which was not the case in 2020. However, in 2021 it was held in the Cacciatore Gym, so it was not fully true to the tradition of Fight Night. But this year, the ring was center stage in the Alumni Gym, where Fight Night has always been held.

But did the return to Alumni Gym live up to the hype? How did it compare to previous years of Fight Nights? The quality of the overall experience is crucial to the continued success of Mount Carmel’s most iconic event. Attendance was excellent this year, reaching over 500 spectators.

The fights themselves were very good, with each of the bouts offering a unique outcome and excitement for everyone in attendance.

“I wasn’t very nervous, since it’s not that different from a wrestling match,” said sophomore and MC wrestler Lukas Tsirtsis. “But there was definitely more people watching me than I’m used to, so I was a little bit more nervous than usual. But overall I really had a lot of fun, especially since I won pretty convincingly.” Tsirtsis scored a quick TKO in his bout.

Senior Joey Thompson, who has done Fight Night every year at Mt. Carmel, also enjoyed the night. “Since it was my senior year, I’m glad they had it back in the Alumni Gym,” said Thompson. “It was super great to get back in the ring for the last time, and it is a good way to finish out my time at Mt. Carmel.”

The atmosphere was great as well, with everyone interviewed having positive things to say about the event. 

“It was really cool,” said 7th Grader Luke Boersma. I’ve never been to anything like it.” 

“I had so much fun,” said 8th grader Gordo Gil. “It makes me really excited to be a part of Mount Carmel.”

However, Fight Night is not just for incoming students, as many current students and alumni were in attendance. 

“It was super entertaining,” said Senior Billy McHugh. “All the matchups they had were good, and all the guys gave it their all.”

Even parents and other adults enjoyed the night. 

Tom McDermott is the father of an eighth-grader who will be attending Mt. Carmel next year. 

“I was not expecting that intense of an atmosphere,” said McDermott. “I was really taken aback by the energy and enthusiasm that was put into intramural boxing.” When asked about how it affected his view of Mt. Carmel, McDermott said only good things. “Seeing those guys that are classmates out there boxing and staying respectful, along with the energy of the crowd showed me that I really made the right decision to send my son to Mt. Carmel.” 

Overall, the night was an excellent return to form for Mt. Carmel’s landmark event. This continuing tradition is a very important part of the identity of the school as a whole, and it is a good thing that it is back to its true form.