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September 20

Today marks the second day of Freshman IMPACT Week. IMPACT Week is basically just a week of volunteer work for students. Freshmen, sophomores and juniors each have their own week throughout the school year, with each grade level having a different theme. The theme for freshmen is helping to clean the community and the environment. Let’s all wish the freshmen luck as they continue with their week of service!

September 18

Welcome back to The Caravan. This year, we will be continuing our daily column from last year (with a slightly different name). Anyway, with almost 20 kids this year (compared to 5 last year!), it’s taking a little longer to get everything going, but The Caravan staff is ready for a great year this year, and you can expect some new content soon!

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About the Writer
Zack Pasciak, Staff Writer

Zack Pasciak is currently a senior at Mount Carmel. He is from the Bridgeport area on Chicago’s South Side, where he attended Santa Lucia Grade School. In his second year writing for The Caravan, he plans to use experience from last year to further his writing ability. Outside of journalism, Pasciak is a runner and plays tennis for the Caravan. He is also very serious about his academic career, always being an A-student. After graduating from Mount Carmel, he hopes to attend a large university to study business, while also joining the school’s newspaper staff. He is also a part of the mock trial team and is interested in pursuing a law degree after graduating from college. Pasciak is excited to finish his senior year and pursue his interests of business and writing in college next year.

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